Thursday, October 09, 2014


In our years living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Joan and I fought the battle of the destruction of the environment. In the early 1980's I formed a group there called the Central Upper Peninsula Group and became part of the Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club, a national environmental organization. Now, in Poland, I am joining the fight again, this time to save our Białowieza Forest in northeast Poland. We have committed to send them $10 a month in support of their efforts. It is my hope that some of you reading this will do the same. If you will, send me a private email and I will tell you how to do it.
Our current new government has plans to do logging in this ancient forest because it sees money in the standing trees and that is more important to them then this sacred place. Greenpeace is an organization fighting this battle here in Poland. They do not accept money from politicians,  businessmen or governments. Despite the absence of such grants they are able to work effectively for the benefit of our forest and all other beings, because behind then is a powerful force - thousands of great, brave and generous people who trust us and share their values. 
Over the past year, they have appealed in Brussels and, among other things thanks to the donors, they were able to effectively prevent the felling plans  of Bialowieza Forest. First of all, they launched Forest patrols, which closely watch whether the Forester does not take actions that harms the forest. Forest patrols gathered information that indicated that Poland does not comply with international obligations concerning the protection of the forest. This information is published in the report "The whole Forest National Park." They turned it's attention to the public in April, occupying the roof of the Ministry of Environment, in the meantime renamed to the Ministry of Forest clippings. They went also, together with the inhabitants in the vicinity of Bialowieza Forest, opposing felling, to Brussels, to a conference on the EU's forest policy, speaking out loud, which threaten the plans of the Ministry.
Greenpeace was also one of the organizations that sent a complaint of the felling plans to the European Commission. It is the interest of UNESCO and the European Commission that a massive stretch has not started. They know that it did not move, because their people regularly patrol the Forest. This is all possible thanks to the commitment of their donors, the Defenders of the Bialowieza Forest.
Bialowieza Forest is a forest complex located in the Polish and Belarus , distinguished by large natural values and history. In the Bialowieza Forest survived one of the last and largest fragments of the original lowland forest in Europe. Here lives the largest population of free bison in the world.
Since 2010, Bialowieza Forest belongs to the list of Important Bird Areas IBA conducted by BirdLife International [1] and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site [2] .

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