Thursday, August 22, 2019

What's in a name?

Just by luck, I solved a question Joan has had for some time. Why is one of her favorite salads called a "Cobb" salad? The answer is, in the 1950s in Hollywood, one of the most famous restaurants was the Brown Derby. It was a  place where many actors and actresses ate. The owner of the restaurant was Howard Cobb. The salad was named for him.

My driver's license medical exam went as expected, just medical questions and an eye chart reading. Because of my age and having tremors, he only passed me for a 2-year license. I've had these tremors for 40 years but this doctor seemed to think in 2 years they might be too bad for me to drive. He was not a neurologist. He is a dermatologist. The problem is he doesn't know the difference between Benign Essential Tremor and Parkinson's disease. He spoke very little English so there was no point in trying to explain the difference. As soon as a person sees someone who's head or hands may shake, they think Parkinson's. However, I've been dealing with that for many years already.

I tried printing Joan's residence permit application but the printer ran out of toner so I went to buy a new, black ink cartridge(140 PLN $36). Back at home, I put it in but still, it wouldn't print. I called the place where I bought it, Cartridge Poznań, and they said bring it back and they would give me another one. I suggested I could also bring the printer and they agreed. At the shop, they tried printing but got the same result, none. They asked if I could wait 10 minutes while they checked out the printer and returned 10 minutes later. Pushing the print button, everything worked perfectly. The problem, as the told me, was the paper roller was dirty and would not feed the paper into the printer, therefore it would not print. The charge for the cleaning of the roller was 0 PLN. They were happy to be of quick service and thanked me for being a customer. I have been for some years and will continue to be so.

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