Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Just waiting.

A meeting with Radek this morning for Spanish lesson and this afternoon just waiting to hear about the funeral arrangement for cousin Janek.

Spotkanie z Radkiem dziś rano na lekcję hiszpańskiego i po południu czekające na wiadomość o pogrzebie dla kuzyna Janka.

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GoogleGaggler said...

Dear David and Joan,

Before another day of this New Year goes by, wishing you both,
the best of health and abundance of all good the whole year through!

Glad to catch up and see that you enjoyed a lovely Christmas
celebration-- how artistic the hostess set her holiday table
and displayed the goodies!

The story of your grandson and the mailbox should be on a
Hallmark Xmas show. How refreshing to meet up with this real honesty;
and all the moreso, seeing it displayed in the younger generation.
Your daughter 'done well', Joan (and,thus,you did too!)! Restores more
hope in me for a new year....

Those ice sculptures are just exquisite-- again, an example of
such good humans are capable of, if we only finally learn to
"tell new stories" (instead of "creating" war and all the other heedless,
needless destructive acts we committ).

You tree, despite the non-history, still looks magical! I just read a
book covering Polish Christmas Eve traditions, and learned something
new (to my mind)-- the full Christmas season is 40 days, ending on
Feb. 2nd (Candlemas or Imobold), and supposedly the roots of this run
far older than that of the church calendar tradition. Well, MY decorations
are going to get some mileage this year!

Keep enjoying your lives and sharing it with your readers; we enjoy and
appreciate spending time with you...!

Thanks for your Blog SEASONS GREETINGS!