Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Let it snow!

Well, naturally, it wouldn't last until Spring so we have had our second snow fall for this winter. Not much, just enough to make everything look white and nice in the forest and streets.

I went to the doctor today to find out I have bronchitis and so she prescribed three medicines. One is an antibiotic that kills all the bacteria in my body, the second is a medicine to replace the good bacteria in my body and the third is too make my cough a little less strong as time passes. All three, combined to cost53zl(17) so the cost was not high at all. Of course Zbyszek, in our weekly meeting, told me I shouldn't wait so long to go to the doctor but I told him that normally I am strong enough to overcome a cold without going. Even though he is younger than me, sometimes he sounds like a father with his advice :-)

With the removal of the three teeth Joan has had to revise our menu for the next few weeks and come up with foods that are a little easier for me to eat. What a pity! I am going to miss the kiełbasa and some meats until the teeth are replaced. I suppose soups will be a big part of the menu but at this time of the year they usually are anyway.

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