Sunday, June 04, 2017

Call to arms.

To my American relatives and friends whether you are a Trump supporter or not, it doesn't matter. What does matter is the condition of the planet that you leave for your children and grandchildren. With the recent withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the Federal Government shows it has no regard for this. I totally disagree with them. If you feel the same way, you have to get out of you comfort zone and become active enough to do something about it. Several states, including California, New York and Washington, through their own governors, have formed the U.S. Climate Alliance. This group is an outgrowth of several other initiatives at the state and local level to pursue clean energy policies. It started on June 1st with California, New York and Washington. On June 2nd, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Oregon, Rhode Island and Hawaii joined the alliance. More than 100 city mayors have indicated their support for the objectives of the alliance as of June 2nd. The alliance plans to seek official status with the countries that have signed on to the Paris agreement.

Please call the office of your own governor and urge him to join the alliance. Call your friends and ask them to do the same. Ask them to call their friends. Living in Poland, it's a little difficult to call but I have already sent emails to the governor of Illinois. Karen, Virgil, Nikki, Joe, Eric, Tami, please make the call. The more states that join the alliance the stronger it will be. President Roosevelt said, “The only thing to fear is fear itself”. After the withdrawal from the Paris agreement, I fear for the future of the planet. Please look up your governor's phone number on the internet and call today, then call your friends

Do moich amerykańskich krewnych i przyjaciół: niezależnie czy jesteś zwolennikiem Trumpa, czy nie, to nie ma znaczenia. To co ma znaczenie, to stan naszej planety, którą zostawiamy dla naszych dzieci i wnuków. Odstępując od paryskiego porozumienia w sprawie zmian klimatu, rząd federalny pokazuje, że nic go to nie obchodzi. Całkowicie się z tym nie zgadzam. Jeśli myślisz podobnie, musisz wyjść poza strefę komfortu i stać się na tyle aktywnym, aby coś z tym zrobić. Kilka stanów, w tym w Kalifornia, Nowy Jork i Waszyngton, przez swoich gubernatorów, stworzyli amerykańską Climate Alliance (grupę ds. klimatu). Grupa ta jest następstwem kilku innych inicjatyw na szczeblu państwowym i lokalnym i ma na celu kontynuowanie wprowadzania polityki czystej energii. Wystartowała 1 czerwca w Kalifornii, Nowym Jorku i Waszyngtonie. 2 czerwca stany Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Oregon, Rhode Island i Hawaje dołączyły do sojuszu. Ponad 100 burmistrzów miast wyraziło swoje poparcie dla celów tej grupy. Sojusz planuje szukać możliwości oficjalnego dołączenia do krajów, które podpisały porozumienie w Paryżu.

Proszę zadzwoń do biura Twojego gubernatora i nakłoń go do przyłączenia się do tej grupy. Zadzwoń do znajomych i poproś ich, aby zrobili to samo. Poproś, aby zadzwonili do swoich znajomych. Mieszkając w Polsce trochę trudno zadzwonić, ale już wysłałem e-mail do gubernatora Illinois. Karen, Wergiliuszu, Nikki, Joe, Eriku, Tami, proszę zadzwońcie. Im więcej stanów, przystąpi do sojuszu, tym silniejszy będzie. Prezydent Roosevelt powiedział: „Jedyną rzeczą, której trzeba się bać jest sam strach”. Po wycofaniu się z porozumienia paryskiego, obawiam się o przyszłość naszej planety. Proszę poszukajcie numeru telefonu gubernatora w internecie i zadzwońcie dzisiaj, a następnie zadzwońcie do znajomych.


Anonymous said...

Hi David and Joan, its nice that you are back in good health and in a fighting spirit... respect your views, however I am with Trump on this one, people are being treated like fools by the global warming lobby, I am all for conserving and respecting resources, that is a given, but to blame cows and somebody lighting up a wood heater the cause of weather change is utter nonsense...The earth has changed and will continue to change in the next thousand years, did you know that the world was different a thousand years ago, some parts were under water and now form lands, lets stop people cashing in on this global warming nonsense.
David and Joan, still love reading what you have to say, keep it up...

David and Joan Piekarczyk said...

Anon, Of course the world has and will changed. At one rime, water could be drunk from streams, the air was clean, buffaloes roamed the prairies and forests had many trees. However, man has changed all of that. Now, people in some countries have to wear masks just to breathe the air, almost everyone drinks bottled water, our forests are being decimated to sell the wood and make money like in Puszcza, wars have started just to control the oil output to feed out need for fossil fuel. 196 countries agree that climate change is the major threat to out planet. China, India and the U.S. are the three biggest polluters are the three biggest polluters in the world but even China and India recognize the problem. Only "Orange Head" and the Federal government do not accept it. However, 75-80% of the American people do. If there is a stream near where you live, can you drink the water from it? Can yo see to the bottom of a small river? NO, you cannot. With glaciers melting, drastic changes to weather patterns, air pollution alerts everyday and notices not to go outside and breathe the air, I cannot agree with your point of view though I well respect it. Thanks for your comment. Does anyone else have a respectful comment on this subject?

Jan Szumanski said...

Sorry David, but Anonymous is right. Read the facts, not ideas.Idea is great. China and Russia did nothing from the date of signing the Paris agreement. Only America did. By the agreement, they don't have to do nothing for many years. I don't no if you remember our country. Is perfect clean. No dirty air, no dirty waters. And I did travel to Asia, Africa. You can't breathe there. Air is yellow. Water full of garbage. Also in Paris agreement, America has to give money to others countries to help them with cleaning environment. Nobody else is doing that. WHY we should do that? We don't even know, what they do with our money!
To finish it. Obama signed the agreement with out approval of Congress! You saying, that american people agreed with you? How you know that? Because media is saying that? Congress represent american people, and Obama bypassed it, because he couldn't get their approval! So Obama is american people? So now is Trump!

David and Joan Piekarczyk said...

I'm sorry Jan but, "I don't no if you remember our country. Is perfect clean. No dirty air, no dirty waters"? The Mississippi River is the second most polluted river in America. The Pacific Ocean bordering the West Coast has 3.5 million tons of garbage trapped making it the worlds largest landfill, the size of Europe. The Ohio River is still the most polluted river in America. Almost half of the U.S. population lives in areas where air pollution levels are often too dangerously high for them to breathe, according to a report released by the American Lung Association. Several of the nation's biggest cities saw ozone conditions worsen. Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia all reported more high ozone days.
ONLY America did something by the agreement? Citizens of Sweden pay $59 per GDP of $55k, Luxembourg, $59 per $111k,Norway, $50 of 97k, U.K.-$19 of $46k, France-$16 of $43k, Germany-$13 of $48k, U.S.-$9 of 55k and Poland...........$0.01 of $14k. However you are right, China and Russia have done nothing.
As for Obama going around Congress to sign the agreement, The Republican controlled House and Congress blocked almost everything he tried to do. He didn't have much of a choice.
"Orange Head" pulling out of the agreement is not only bad for the climate but it diminishes the role of the country as a leader. He has already done enough alienating allies, now it is the world. This is no time for isolationism. The void he leaves will quickly be filled by Russia or China, making them stronger on the world stage.
Thank you for your comment, it's nice to know what a cousin thinks. :-)