Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Our first snow of winter is on the ground. There isn't much, just enough to cover the ground but it still looks good. If we had only one or two inches of cover that would be enough for me. I spent enough years in Michigan with huge amounts of snow and now all I need is a little covering.

There was a large protest yesterday in Hungary against the Jobbik political party. This is the party that wants a list of all Jewish and Roma people living in Hungary. It's similar to what the Nazi's wanted many years ago before they began slaughtering people. I hope "normal" Hungarian people will oppose this idea. It's beyond my comprehension how people, 60 years after the war, can still think like this. Isn't there enough hatred in this world already?

Nasz pierwszy śnieg zimą jest na ziemi. Nie ma zbyt wiele, tylko tyle, aby pokryć ziemię, ale nadal wygląda dobrze. Gdybyśmy mieli tylko jednego lub dwóch centymetrów pokrywy, który byłby dla mnie wystarczy. Spędziłem tyle lat w Michigan z ogromną ilością śniegu, a teraz potrzebuję tylko trochę okrycie.

Był duży protest wczoraj na Węgrzech przeciwko Jobbik partii politycznej. To jest partia, która chce listę wszystkich Żydów i Romów mieszkających na Węgrzech. Jest podobny do tego, co nazistów chciał wiele lat temu, zanim zaczął uboju ludzi. Mam nadzieję, że "zwykli" ludzie będą węgierskie sprzeciwić się tej idei. To jest poza moim zrozumieniem, jak ludzie, 60 lat po wojnie, nadal może myśleć w ten sposób. Czy to nie jest wystarczająco dużo nienawiści na tym świecie już?


Lori said...

Jobbik means right in Hungarian and so when a party names themselves with tthat name one knows some of their philosophy already. This party arose in late 2009 and early 2010 when I was living in Hungary and elected for the first time three members to the Parliament in the 2010 election. I'm very glad there are protests against this kind of thinking. But as Americans we need too to look in the mirror and make sure we not making the same kind of mistake, accusing others for our own troubles.

Peet said...

I've never heard of Jobbik before but from what I see, it's just yet another new name for the same old beast. This boggles my mind and ploughs many wrinkles over my brow.

Somehow, it looks like no one ever made an effort to roust up an international watchdog of any kind after the war. I guess the United Nations should have at least tried to take the initiative. Call it what you will, this Hate-ism has fermented and poisoned it's way throughout all the corners of our globe.

I can't comment on historical context or precedent, but I can see with my own eyes what's happening today. Roma fleeing their homes to far flung places like England and America only to find the same persecuting groups with the same agendas waiting for them. The same easily led youths, the same political manifestos. Whatever your language, society or culture, you'll find this universal doctrine of hate.

Do you know that last year in the UK, there were reports of certain groups burning Polish flags during civil celebrations. Most likely because they believed that's where Roma came from. Despite the reality that most Poles here are generally highly educated, well behaved young students. This kind of blind ignorance is the very breeding pit for things like Jobbik.

To my eyes, this is a very real and growing threat to us all. If you were to view all the officially recognized political parties alone as being like the fragmented cells of a common army, suppressing it would already be as impossible as trying to switch off the internet.