Monday, April 27, 2015


Another nice day, 27z and sunny but tomorrow it drops to 11c and raining, such is life in Poland. Who's complaing? Not me, at least winter is gone.

I read today 1,4 milion young Poles are planning to leave Poland, many because of lack of work. The unemployment figure is at 11.4% and for young people even higher. The government better do something about this because we are losing to many people. In particularly in the east where many villages are now inhabited only by old people. The young ones have all left. I know three, personally who are leaving for the U.S. this summer to study and have doubts about coming back. What a tragedy for Poland!

Kolejny miły dzień, 27C i słonecznie, ale jutro temperatura spadnie do 11C i będzie padać, takie jest życie w Polsce. Kto narzeka? Nie ja, przynajmniej zima odeszła.

Czytałem dziś, że  1,4 mln młodych Polaków planuje wyjechać z Polski, wielu z powodu braku pracy. Wskaźnik bezrobocia wynosi 11,4%, a wśród młodych ludzi, jest nawet wyższy. Lepiej, żeby rząd  coś z tym zrobił, bo tracimy wielu ludzi. W szczególnie na wschodzie, gdzie teraz wiele wsi zamieszkanych jest  tylko przez ludzi starych. Wszyscy młodzi wyjechali. Osobiście wiem o trzech osobach, które tego roku latem  wyjeżdżają do USA na studia i mają wątpliwości, czy wrócić. Co za tragedia dla Polski!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Its actually not about the work coz I think if you want you can find a job here in Poland. But the salaries are not the best one here. The minimum wage should be now at least 500/600Eur.... after tax.


David and Joan Piekarczyk said...

Well, that's kind of what I meant.

greenbandman said...

I agree with Anonymous. Living with relatives gives me a better perspective than casual observers. People in the west (of Poland) make much higher salaries for similar work, get more benefits, working environments are better, with living costs about the same. From teachers to clerks the pay is extremely poor and many young people are delaying marriage, living together, and postponing children due to wage suppressions. $25 a day is not a living wage in Poland or any European country.