Monday, February 08, 2016


Marta and Joanna

I've got to break this habit of conversing with three or four people in one day. On those days, I don't see Joan for four hours  If I start at 10:00 and don't finish until 14:00, half of the day is gone. My problem is that I like the people I talk with and don't loose contact with them. Some I speak with2-3 times a week and others only once. I only talk with cousin Andrzej on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 19:00 and no other person. I like to keep the night just to spend with Joan doing whatever we choose to do for the evening.

Tonight we had dinner with two of our friends, Marta and Joanna at a restaurant in the Srodka area of Poznań. We met at 19:00 and stayed for two hours. Joanna wore a beautiful coat that I ablsolutely loved so I asked her to tell me where she bought it and tomorrow Joan and I will go there. Joan liked it as well. We very much like these two young women because they have good personalities, are very intelligent and like us, they like to travel. These are two of the people that we call our friends and we are always happen when we have a chance to meet with them.

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