Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Stll standing.

We had our weekly meeting with Zbyszek and he wanted to talk about the orange man so we did but I won't here.

Our tree is still standing, didn't quite get to taking it down. It's just nice at night seeing lit up.

Really, not much else today.

Mieliśmy nasze cotygodniowe spotkanie ze Zbyszkiem i  on chciał rozmawiać o „pomarańczowym człowieku”, co też zrobiliśmy, ale nie będę o tym tutaj pisać.

Nasza choinka wciąż stoi, nie zdemontowaliśmy jej. To po prostu wieczorem jest miło widzieć ją rozświetloną.

Naprawdę, dzisiaj nic więcej.


Anonymous said...

Smart not to talk about Emperor Cheetos because any trumpanzee reader would jump all over you. That's how the comments sections of the NYT and WaPo and other newspapers go. The US is such a bitterly divided country. His followers are rabid. I pray that he doesn't do irreparable harm to the US and its allies. He's delusional! Need an opposition force to combat his wild plans. So far, none on the horizon. Sad.

David and Joan Piekarczyk said...

No, there is opposition with MoveOn.Org, Common Defense, Dan Rather and News and Guts. They are all on FB. Emperor Cheeto....good name :-)