Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tomorrows party.

If you’re a single young lady in Poland on the night of November 29th, you have a unique, perhaps harrowing, opportunity before you; or a great excuse to flee the country. The Eve of St. Andrew’s Day (Andrzejki) has been associated with fortune-telling in Poland for centuries. The most common Andrzejki tradition carried on today uses hot wax as a conduit into the spirit world. The wax must be melted and then poured through the eye of a skeleton key into a bowl of cool water. Once cooled, the resultant form is then held in front of a light and the shadow cast reveals the appearance of your future partner, or something about their character.

Today Andrzejki is a fun, carefree celebration of being young and single more than anything. And that means drinking and dancing. Always a big night out for students.

Jeśli jesteś jednym panienka w Polsce w nocy z 29 listopada, masz niepowtarzalną, być może bronowanie, możliwość przed tobą lub doskonały pretekst do ucieczki z kraju.Wigilia Dnia Świętego Andrzeja (Andrzejki) było związane z wróżbiarstwem w Polsce od wieków.Najczęstszym tradycja Andrzejki prowadzone dziś wykorzystuje gorący wosk jako osłonę do świata duchów. Wosk musi być stopiony i przelewa się przez ucho wytrych do miski z zimną wodą. Po wystygnięciu forma jest wypadkową następnie odbyła się przed światłem i cień rzucany ujawnia wygląd swojego przyszłego partnera, czy coś o ich charakterze.

Dziś Andrzejki to zabawa, beztroski świętem młodości i jeden bardziej niż cokolwiek. A to oznacza, picie i tańce. Zawsze z wielka noc dla studentów.


Marilyn said...

Nice coat!! Looks like it will keep you "nice and warm" (like my Grandma used to say)!
I see it's 41 there's 35 here (8:30)! We are having a warm front move through over the weekend and first part of next week! 50s. YAY!!
Is anyone else having trouble posting on this sight? Sometimes I just give up...if I don't post for a long time, that's why! It's the numbers and letters that prove you are not a robot--alot of the time they are illegible!

David and Joan Piekarczyk said...

I don't know about trouble posting. I don't get many comments.

Peet said...

You know I meant to try and post on a couple of your articles (mainly your reports on the worrying right-wing thing. I don't mind telling you that subject interrupts my sleep a lot. They are growing everywhere, even here in pokey Belfast City!).

Then I noticed that that nobody else is commenting, the big warning that the Author must approve comments and then the 'captcha' test. I kind of figured maybe you were strict about friends and family only so I restrained myself.

Anyway, while I'm here;

1/ I love your blog. You may not be aware of it but I'm sure your writings and thoughts are a daily treat for many worldwide followers. I know I look forward to reading your posts after a hard days work.

2/ Keep your perspective on your language studies there, brother. You are a great inspiration to new students of the Polish tongue by dint of your sheer commitment alone! I couldn't begin to imagine how advanced you are compared to me and regardless, if Will Shakespeare himself received an exam submission from his English tutor saying, 'Good work. No corrections', he would fire him in a beat. As your skill increases, so should the weight of scrutiny. If there is no correction then there is nothing learned, surely. Take heart, my friend.

Have a lovely Christmas and a fruitful new year, Joan and yourself! :) May God bless you and keep you to see at least another 10 American Presidents come and go.

- Peet.