Thursday, November 01, 2012

All Saint's Day in Golina

It wasn't the best weather to be outside today but it was All Saints Day and it was necessary. We left Poznań at 11AM and to avoid the traffice jam at Miłowstowo cemetery we took the motorway(Tollway). We got off at the Wrzesnia exit and went down route 92 to Golina.

Our first stop was at the cemetery to put flowers and candles on the graves. At the grave of my great grandmother, great aunt and cousin we set down the flowers and met cousin Grażyna and her husband, Kasiu.  After a short time we went to another grave and met cousin Ambrozy Mejer, two of his sons and his brother. They invited us to their house for later that afternoon so we left and went to cousin Kazia'ś house.

After being greeted we had coffee and then about an hour later were served obiad. Of course, during that time I had the opportunity to speak with cousin Kazia in Polish the best that I could. I still don't feel comfortable speaking but try. I think after 5 years I should be speaking better by now.

About 4:30PM we walked across the street to cousin Ambrozy's house and met with him and his family.  I was surprised to hear that in the last year three new children had been born into his family. All three of his sons had new children.  We stayed for about an hour and then went to the cemetery for another vist in the darkness of night.  As we were leaving I heard someone calling my name and was surprised when I turned around.  Approaching me was Ania, wife of cousin Janusz Frysiak and behind her was Janusz holding their little daughter, Hania. We spoke for about 10 minutes and then they had to leave because Hania was tired and it was time to put her to bed. We talked about meeting again but made no schedule for the meeting.

We returned to cousin Kazia's house, had a cup of coffee and the departed at 6:30PM for Poznań.

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