Thursday, December 29, 2016

Good news.

I saw this magazine in the store and just had to buy it because of the cover. I think it should have the title of...Modern Day Three Stooges; Trump, Putin and Kaczyński. The first two are Presidents of two of the most powerful countries in the world, the third is only the leader of the party which has control of the government of Poland but he is not the President. All three seem to have similar traits.

Joan had a doctor appointment today because of concern with .high blood pressure. After examining her he said it was not a major problem because the average was 137 and it may be caused by one of the medicines she has been taking. He changed her to a different one without the side effect and she will go back in 3 weeks for a follow up exam. It was good news for us.

Our friend, Stanisław, stopped by today for a little visit and we had time to tell each other about our Christmas days, talk very little about politics and then he had to leave. It's always nice to see him.

Widziałem ten magazyn w sklepie i po prostu go kupić ze względu na okładce. Myślę, że powinien on mieć tytuł ... Modern Day Three Stooges; Trump, Putin i Kaczyński. Pierwsze dwa są prezesi dwóch najpotężniejszych krajów na świecie, a trzeci jest tylko liderem partii, która ma kontrolę nad rządem Polski, ale nie jest prezydent. Wszyscy trzej wydają się mieć podobne cechy.

Joan miała dziś spotkanie lekarza z powodu troski o .Szybkie ciśnienia krwi. Po zbadaniu jej powiedział, że nie był to poważny problem, ponieważ średnia wynosiła 137, a może to być spowodowane przez jeden z leków została ona przyjmujących. On zmienił na inny, bez efektów ubocznych, a ona wrócić w 3 tygodnie na follow up egzaminu. To była dobra wiadomość dla nas.

Nasz przyjaciel, Stanisław, zatrzymał się dziś na małą wizytę i mieliśmy czas, aby powiedzieć sobie nawzajem o naszych świątecznych dni, rozmawiać bardzo mało o polityce, a potem musiał odejść. To zawsze miło się z nim zobaczyć.


Anonymous said...

The problem with you americans is that you believe that the world belongs to you, this is evident how load americans talk in public (they should speak Polish...) Americans believe in God and country and democracy but when they have a christian government like in poland they cry, when Trump legally wins the election all hell breaks loose, the " democratic" Democrats cry foal, what has the current government done to you apart from offering hospitality and a good way of life, you never admit that if you were in America Joans medical bills would have been sky high (poland still has a very high level of medial care) where could you live on 100 odd Zlote a week..David please show some consideration, the current President off Poland is as best as it gets, the current government is cleaning up the mess of the previous government who sold poland to the cleaners and filled there own pockets...that is why the previous government including Lech Walesa is up in arms, they fear what might be exposed.. David enjoy the rich culture of poland, the way of life and people. You and Joan have a great 2017...

David and Joan Piekarczyk said...

Anonymous--I know you read this blog but somehow you have missed the numerous times where I have mentioned the extremely high cost of health insurance in America and how happy I am living in Poland where such costs are considerably lower. The same is true for the cost of food. In America there has always been a separation between church and state. I don't remember, in my lifetime, a President who was NOT a Christian but his religion did not enter into politics. Can you say that this is true of our government now in charge? As for the current government offering us hospitality and a good way of life, we have been here 9 years, 8 years BEFORE the current government so your statement is not exactly true. It was not only Democrats but also Republicans who did not want Trump elected. Look at all of his proposed appointments to important positions. Not one of them has a qualification to hold those offices; a woman who is opposed to public education to be the Secretary of Public Education. a man totally denying climate change as the Secretary of the Environment, Sarah Palin in charge of Small Business, etc.? If you insist on commenting, please check your facts before you write. Joan and I wish you a Happy New Year. :-)