Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas day.

So, the first half of Dec. 24th was with just a few people having barszcz, pierogi's and kutia for obiad. Stefan, Marta, Conny, Volker, Joan and I were those people. Then at about 20:00 the rest of Stefan's family arrived bringing with them a lot of food of different types prepared by his sister, mother and grandmother. None of it was the traditional Polish Christmas food and we didn't expect it to be. There were two different types of salads, a special large bread mad with herbs, a huge container of goulash and another of beef. Naturally, after dinner there were desserts including tiraamisu. There were several young people attending who spoke English and I.had the opportunity to talk with. them and see what their.outlook for their future. It's a little early for them to know, one is 22, one, 20, on 18 and one 16. The older ones, Alina and Chantal had more of an idea than the young boys. All of them were tall, 6 foot or a little higher.

I thought it would be a good idea too take a lot of pictures, as usual, but then I thought more about family pictures for the family of Stefan and I went in that direction taking pictures of his whole family eventually. I think in the future it will be something they can look back at, a time when they were all together for Christmas eve.

Christmas day Conny and Volker went back home and the four of us, Stefan, Marta, Joan and I drove to the town of Munster to see it. Of course, it was mostly deserted because of the day but there were a few people
walking around. We visited the main church, I took a lot of pictures and then we found a place that was open for coffe, the Cafe and Bar Celona.

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