Thursday, December 24, 2015


We stated out at 9:30 by taxi to the train station, Caught the first train on time and made it to Berlin for our first transfer and that's where our problems began. A young man said we had to go to the bottom level of the four level train station but we couldn't get to that level. We found an employee and he said the get on the train on ther track right now and get off in 5 stops. We were very hesitant to do it but we did. We got to the right platform only to learn that the train would be an hour late, making us miss our connect in Essen to Dulmin. I tried calling to Marta but in coach the connection is very bad and I didn't succeed. I sent an sms of HELP to her and finally we were able to connect.

We finally connected at 19:25 in Dulmen where Marta was waiting for us and took us to her house. We had dinner, drank some wine and were happy to be in bed by 22:30. Having internet problems pictures may be displayed later.

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