Thursday, March 08, 2018

Back home, Wrócimy do domu, Regrasamos a casa.

Up at 4:30 this morning to take the flight from Alicante to Poznań. The trip was uneventful until we reached the end and our small bag was missing containing medications, our Spanish lessions and some electronics. I had it with me until we boarded the plane and don't know how it got lost. I talked with a lady who proceeded to fill out a report and uring that time I received a call from someone at Ryanair in NewCastle, England informing me that a passenger mistook my bag for his  and took it to England. He said it was not technically Ryanair's fault but they would make arrangements for it to be flown to Poznań in the next few days and delivered to me. It was riving me crazy thinking how I could have lost that bag until I received the phone call.

Back at home, we were happy to see our place was just like we left it 2 months ago and warm inside. We unpacked, went to the store to buy something for dinner and now it's time to relax for the rest of the evening. We miss Spain already.

O 4:30 rano, aby wziąć lot z Alicante do Poznania. Podróż była spokojna, dopóki nie dotarliśmy do końca i brakowało naszej małej torby zawierającej lekarstwa, nasze hiszpańskie lekcje i trochę elektroniki. Miałem go ze sobą, dopóki nie wsiedliśmy do samolotu i nie wiemy, jak się zgubił. Rozmawiałem z kobietą, która przystąpiła do wypełnienia raportu i tym razem otrzymałem telefon od kogoś z Ryanair w NewCastle w Anglii, informując mnie, że pasażer pomylił moją torbę i zabrał ją do Anglii. Powiedział, że technicznie nie jest to wina Ryanaira, ale przygotowaliby się na to, że w najbliższych dniach odlecą do Poznania i dostarczyli mi. Zacząłem szaleć myśląc, że mogłem zgubić tę torebkę, dopóki nie otrzymam telefonu.

Wracając do domu, byliśmy szczęśliwi, widząc, że nasze miejsce było takie, jak zostawiliśmy je 2 miesiące temu i ciepło w środku. Rozpakowaliśmy się, poszliśmy do sklepu, aby coś kupić na kolację, a teraz czas na odpoczynek na resztę wieczoru. Już tęsknimy za Hiszpanią.

Arriba a las 4:30 de esta mañana para tomar el vuelo de Alicante a Poznań. El viaje transcurrió sin incidentes hasta que llegamos al final y faltaba nuestra pequeña bolsa que contenía medicamentos, nuestras lesiones en español y algunos artículos electrónicos. Lo tuve conmigo hasta que abordamos el avión y no sabemos cómo se perdió. Hablé con una señora que procedió a completar un informe y durante ese momento recibí una llamada de alguien de Ryanair en NewCastle, Inglaterra informándome que un pasajero confundió mi bolso con el suyo y lo llevó a Inglaterra. Dijo que no era técnicamente culpa de Ryanair, pero que harían arreglos para que se trasladara a Poznań en los próximos días y me lo entregasen. Me estaba volviendo loco pensando en cómo podría haber perdido ese bolso hasta que recibí la llamada telefónica.

De vuelta en casa, nos alegramos de ver que nuestro lugar era como lo dejamos hace 2 meses y cálido por dentro. Desempacamos, fuimos a la tienda a comprar algo para la cena y ahora es el momento de relajarse por el resto de la noche. Ya echamos de menos a España.


Marilyn said...

Glad to hear you had safe travels....and found your bag!! I'm sure it's good to sleep in your own bed, as it was for me after vacation! You make Spain sound so special and I know you miss it! You'll go back, I'm sure! My new year resolution was to stay in touch with relatives and friends more often, didn't start out too good, but am going to try to do better!! Our Mitchell and Donnie Rajewski Family is going to have a family reunion this summer up at our property in FreeSoil in is 50 yrs this year that we bought the property! Something to celebrate! I'll keep you informed and, hopefully, lots of pictures! The kids have all grown up so much! Love to you both...XOXO

Joan and David Piekarczyk said...

Yes, I found my "bag". I like your resolution. In Freesoil, could you take a group picure but also just "face shots" of every one? Only the face, no shoulders, only from the neck up.

tori10tori10 said...

so just came back for the spring now; how clever is that?

tori10tori10 said...

8C now in Poznan and Sunday plus 14C so is not bad...

Marilyn said...

I know for sure we'll have a group picture at the reunion......but the face shots, I'll do what I can! So many hate pictures...and I'm like you, I love them, even if I look.."not so good"! In the end, when we're all gone, that's all there will and memories!! I'll have to send some of them privately!

Joan and David Piekarczyk said...

Yes, I just want them for the tree, not the blog. Private is good.

GoogleGaggler said...

Welcome home...well, to your doma, I mean!
Home is where the heart is and our hearts are within,
so...wherever you land from time to time can be home, right?!

Geez, "Anonymous" is becoming your "Nemisis", David (have to
laugh)! Glad you pointed out (as I do agree w. you about one being
able to enjoy a place without having to "master" the language.

I certainly did it-- in 2016-- with a month and a half stay in Zakopane-- I absolutely loved it, learned enough of the Polish dialect to get by, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Anyhoot, there are other "languages" that are universal, and contribute to one's quality of life-- anywhere-- IF you let them.
For instance, Nature is a language we
all can enjoy. Also, ne does not have to master the language of music to enjoy it; Smiles are yet another language that raises one's quality of experience anywhere they are taken. So, is having a good attitude, a willingness to explore and enjoy the journey of the experience.

While learning a native language is important in the long-run if one is going to live in a place full-time, still, I'm sure there are many UNHAPPY literati littering other places as ex-pats of their home countries. Likewise, there are many happy and adventurous people who happen to be happy without being "meistros" of the lingua of the
country they happen to find themselves in. You folks come to mind!
Anonymous could take a lesson from this-- other than a language lesson


Joan and David Piekarczyk said...

Stephanie..Anon. started out as a Nemisis but now his/her comments are usually in a good manner. I agree it's important to know the language but it's just not a game breaker.