Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Talking with the DHL representative, he told me they had an office near Stary Browar. This morning I went to find it to mail out my documents. I couldn't so I called him back. He said it was on Za Motelem street. I used Google maps to find out where that street was but it didn't show listed anywhere. I called the rep. back. He said it was not in Poznań but in the village of Sady, 10 km outside of Poznań. So, another wasted trip in search of DHL.

I have been to Sady before but never saw a DHL facility. This is completely new as well as the street. I found it with no trouble, gave the envelope with the documents to the clerk, she weighed the envelope and said the cost was 180 PLN. It will arrive in the U.S. in 2 days. It is a high cost but it is a fast service so I paid it. Now we just wait for the process to begin. I marked it on the calendar.

We had a nice meeting with Zbyszek today in Sowa's. We talked a  little politics, his daughters trip to Serbia, what's happening in Poland, my hand surgery and blood soup. He discovered a new restaurant on the way to Leszno that he thinks makes the best blood soup and recommends we stop there the next time we travel that way. To make it more enticing, he said next to it is a newly renovated palace and you know how we love visiting palaces.

Kiedy rozmawiałem z przedstawicielem DHL  powiedział mi, że mają biuro w pobliżu Starego Browaru. Dziś rano poszedłem je poszukać, żeby wysłać moje dokumenty. Nie mogłem go znaleźć, więc zadzwoniłem do niego ponownie. Powiedział, że jest na ulicy Za Motelem. Skorzystałem z map Google, aby dowiedzieć się, gdzie jest ta ulica, ale nie było jej na żadnym spisie.  Oddzwoniłem do niego.  Powiedział, że nie jest w Poznaniu, ale we wsi Sady, 10 km od Poznania. Kolejne zmarnowane wyjście  w poszukiwaniu DHL.

Byłem we wsi  Sady wcześniej, ale nigdy nie widziałem obiektu DHL. Jest to zupełnie nowy obiekt, jak również ulica. Znalazłem go bez problemu, podałem kopertę z dokumentami  urzędniczce, zważyła kopertę i powiedziała, że koszt wysyłki to 180 złotych. Dotrze do USA za 2 dni. Jest to wysoki koszt, ale usługa jest szybka, więc zapłaciłem. Teraz po prostu czekamy na rozpoczęcie procedury. Oznaczyłem ten fakt w kalendarzu.

Dzisiaj mieliśmy miłe spotkanie ze Zbyszkiem u Sowy. Rozmawialiśmy trochę o polityce, podróży jego córki  do Serbii, o tym, co się dzieje w Polsce, mojej operacji ręki i czerninie. Zbyszek odkrył nową restaurację w drodze do Leszna, która według niego robi najlepszą czerninę i poleca, abyśmy zatrzymali się tam następnym razem, gdy będziemy podróżować w tamtą drogą. Aby uczynić rekomendację bardziej kuszącą, powiedział, że obok jest nowo wyremontowany pałac , a wiesz, jak uwielbiamy zwiedzać pałace.

Hablando con el representante de DHL, me dijo que tenían una oficina cerca de Stary Browar. Esta mañana fui a buscarlo para enviar mis documentos por correo. No pude, así que lo llamé nuevamente. Dijo que estaba en la calle Za Motelem. Usé los mapas de Google para averiguar dónde estaba esa calle, pero no apareció en ninguna parte. Llamé al representante. espalda. Dijo que no estaba en Poznań sino en el pueblo de Sady, a 10 km de Poznań. Entonces, otro viaje perdido en busca de DHL.

He estado en Sady antes, pero nunca vi una instalación de DHL. Esto es completamente nuevo al igual que la calle. Lo encontré sin problemas, le di el sobre con los documentos al empleado, ella sopesó el sobre y dijo que el costo era de 180 PLN. Llegará a los EE. UU. En 2 días. Es un costo elevado, pero es un servicio rápido, así que lo pagué. Ahora solo esperamos que el proceso comience. Lo marqué en el calendario.

Tuvimos una buena reunión con Zbyszek hoy en Sowa's. Hablamos un poco de política, su viaje de hijas a Serbia, lo que está sucediendo en Polonia, mi cirugía de manos y sopa de sangre. Descubrió un nuevo restaurante en el camino a Leszno que cree que es la mejor sopa de sangre y recomienda que nos detengamos allí la próxima vez que viajamos de esa manera. Para hacerlo más atractivo, dijo que junto a él hay un palacio recientemente renovado y ya sabes cómo nos encanta visitar los palacios.


GoogleGaggler said...

Hi David and Joan,

Just catching up again (and again :~])
Over Easter, on Palm Sunday, my mother passed away
-- she lived a good, full life and was in her 99th year.
So, that was our family's Eastertime-- waiting through the
busy church season, so we could hold all the services-- seems
one of the rare times we get to meet extended family. And, what
was a sad, somber time, became celebratory too, and we, and life
goes on; until it is "our turn"....

Anyway, thank you for the Easter wishes...
I was thinking on the increase of people wishing to re-locate to PL
and the Qs that roll in (which you say you don't mind answering), but,
you're so good at organizing detailed info, wouldn't it be better if you
compiled what you already have informationwise and put it in a FAQs format
maybe entitled: FAQs About Relocating to PL" or something similar. Then
you can set it up on your site's sidebar so it's easily accessed by others;
and you could still edit it or refer to it and respond here and there to
special circumstances when people contact you. This way you don't have to
keep on stating the same info over and over.

The other day, I went into a local market that has a side deli of Polish and
now Latino foods on the menu. I have suggested to the harried clerks going on
two years now, that they put a sign up listing the three 'soups of the day',
instead of having to answer over and over again all afternoon, people asking,
"what soup's do you have today/" (including moi!) Lo and behold, yesterday, there was a posted sign if the soups-- I was ecstatic! I mentioned the aforesaid to the
cashier, and she flatly replied: They STILL ask. And, just about then, I overheard
a little old lady asking, "What are your soups today" LOL!!!

GoogleGaggler said...

Best of luck rounding up all those documents you're
needing for the citizenship status.

And also, good luck in the coming days re: your
hand operations.

You are one intrepid soul, David!

Joan and David Piekarczyk said...

GG, I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your mother. At 99, you had many years together.

As for writing a FAQ's for my blog, I could do that and just edit it. But, if someone takes the time to write to me I feel it's necessary to give them the courtesy of a personal answer, not just an edited response. That is not personal enough. It's obvious from long years of consistent blogging, it's a passions for me. Everyone who writes to me deserves personal attention and I'm still happy to do it.

GoogleGaggler said...

Yes, I agree that holding onto "the personal touch" is more important than ever
these days; and your passion is duly recognized. I am of the opinion though, that one CAN do both-- provide the bulk of the specifics (for instance, listing all the steps involved in obtaining these documents you're awaiting can be information on a side-bar that you can let the person writing you know is available, and still respond to them with particular attention-- a tailor-made, courteous, response-- just shorter (and less wear-and-tear on you).

That is all I meant, David. As long as you're happy doing it your way, it's your
blog and that's what matters.

Now, would you please tell me EVERYTHING you know and have gone through in your
relocation to PL process? JUST kidding! ;~}

Joan and David Piekarczyk said...

GG, glad you're just kidding. I'd have to put a gun to my head before going through ALL of that again. :-)