Saturday, March 11, 2017

Can you believe it?

The big news today is that Donald Tusk was re-elected as President of the European Union by a vote of 27-1. The ONLY country voting against him was his own country of Poland.

Tusk received strong support from most of the leaders of the 28-nation bloc. However, Poland's ruling PiS ("Law and Justice") party - which is rather lukewarm on the EU itself - is a staunch opponent of Tusk's and had sought to block his re-election to the role.

Beata Mazurek, a spokeswoman for the PiS party, said Tusk's re-election will "influence the way that the union will function in the future. It will no longer be a union of unity."

Poland was the only country to vote against Tusk, according to Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

PiS party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski did not support the results, saying, "The rule that high-ranking officials should have the backing of their country was broken."
Kaczynski said any talk of Poland wishing to leave the EU was "nonsense."

Najważniejsza wiadomość jest dzisiaj, że Donald Tusk został ponownie wybrany na stanowisko prezesa Unii Europejskiej stosunkiem głosów 27-1. Jedynym krajem, głosując przeciwko niemu był jego własny kraj Polska.

Tusk otrzymał silne wsparcie ze strony większości przywódców bloku 28-narodowego. Jednak rządząca w Polsce PiS ( "Prawo i Sprawiedliwość") party - co jest raczej letnie w samej UE - jest zagorzałym przeciwnikiem Tusk i starał się zablokować jego ponowny wybór do tej roli.

Beata Mazurek, rzeczniczka partii Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, powiedział Tuska reelekcja będzie "wpływają na sposób, że Unia będzie funkcjonować w przyszłości. To nie będzie unia jedności."

Polska była jedynym krajem, który głosował przeciwko Tuskowi Według premiera Czech Bohuslav Sobotka.

PiS lider partii Jarosław Kaczyński nie potwierdzają wyniki, mówiąc: "zasadę, że wysocy rangą urzędnicy powinni posiadać poparcie swojego kraju został złamany."

Kaczyński powiedział, każda rozmowa o Polsce, którzy chcą opuścić UE to "nonsens".


Anonymous said...

Hi Joan and David, you need to think beyond the square, Tusk is not liked by the majority of Poles due to his allegiance to German, he is of German background, also David his involvement in "amber gold" where so many people lost all there money, he is no friend of Poland...Like Walesa he is a traitor both should be brought to justice, on a more positive note how are you both going with the exercise bike??, it seems like a baby toy but will do for a while, you will need to spend a few dollars and buy a scientific bike, will talk about this later, both please start at 5 minutes per day and increase one minute till you both reach 30 minutes, Joan needs to do more exercises to burn her stomach fat, by the time we have finished you will be feeling great,
take care....lets make Poland and America great...

greenbandman said...

Kaczynski is an unelected figure in the Polish government and an embarrassment to Poland in front of the whole world. To set the record straight Tusk's family was from the Slask region and at that time it was a German territory, therefore all eligible men were drafted into the German army. There are thousands of such men living now in southern and western Poland. This is similar to Poles being drafted into the Russian army before 1918, and people from the Baltic states being also drafted into the German army. Poland was great but poor and is now greater now under the auspices of the EU, including making Poland's PiS party recognize their human rights failings and antisemitism which still unfortunately exists.

tori10tori10 said...

Ahhh Anonymus; its all populistic talk what you are saying. I like Tusk and I like Walesa. Wales is an icon for me. What the secret agents did we can only assume. Anonymus you should not believe what they saying in TVP news.... Having Tusk in so high level in the EU kaczynski should be pragmatic and use this fact for advantage for Polands benefits. See at Orban what he did. kACZYNKSI is just full of anger and hate towards Tusk; nobody in the EU can understand what kanczynski did towards his landsman. Its like suicide shot. Is kaczynski really a good strategist? Did he think about polish citizens who could suffer from this step not receiving structural founds etc.


greenbandman said...

Just for clarification to your readers. I am not a citizen of Poland, nor do I have a long term stay document. Therefore I refrain from commenting on the political system, healthcare system, or anything that is Poland's citizens' business. Not my circus, not my monkeys. That being said Poles who chose to live and become citizens of any country other than Poland really have no involvement in Poland. David is a different animal. He is still a citizen of the USA but has a long term stay document of Poland. He has the right to his opinion of both worlds since the politics of each affect his wellbeing. If you are not affected by the internal politics of a country, they are not your monkeys or your circus anymore.