Friday, May 30, 2014

Water spots.

Lot of banging going on outside our windows as they continue with the insulation. The other day after they removed the window sills it rained very hard and we had water spots in three places beneath each window. They have dried up now but left water spots on the walls. I hate the think we might have to paint the wall that was affected.

Spanish is moving along nicely for Joan and I. We listen and repeat the sentences two times a day and it's easier for Joan to remember. Of course, it won't stop my learning of Polish, it's like a little break from it each day.

Tomorrow we go to get the replacement license plate and Zbyszek told me there are two guys sitting next to the building who will rivet the plate to the car for30zl. I think that's a good idea to prevent losing it again or having it stolen.

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